Connecting performance coaches with athletes allowing for the creation of individualized workout programs

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Cormac O’Beirne

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B2B & D2C


Athletic Performance

Performance Analytics


Multi Sport


RYPT is the all-in-one coaching platform that combines all your programming and monitoring tools in one place. S&C coaches, sports teams, and gyms, including Swim Ireland, Kerry GAA, and Setanta Performance, trust RYPT to run their organisations. From working with private clients to Olympic athletes, over 1,000 coaches rely on RYPT to deliver individualized programs and monitor performance in hybrid or online settings. RYPT can help you streamline program delivery and the monitoring of exercise, training load, well-being, and nutrition data to save you time while providing you with the insights you need to make data-led decisions to optimize performance and prevent injuries. With eCommerce tools to help you sell your services, reach more clients and athletes, and increase your revenue-generating potential.