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The continuous development of talent and skills is crucial for the sports tech industry. The sports data analytics market is predicted to reach almost €6 billion by 2026. This growth presents immense opportunities for professionals who can contribute to sports tech companies.

The Industry operates at the intersection of technology, data analytics, and sports. As teams, leagues, and broadcasters embrace new technologies, the demand for skilled professionals who understand both domains is on the rise therefore cross skilling individuals with both technology and business skills with an understanding of the Sport domain creates a much needed diverse source of talent for the industry.

Collaborations between industry bodies, educational institutions, and tech networks are essential. They provide the lynchpin for cutting-edge and business-aligned programs.

Continuous professional development programs, such as postgraduate diplomas in sports technology and analytics, prepare candidates for convergent careers in the sector.

Recognizing that athletes often transition to other fields after their sports careers, the industry is developing second career conversion models.
These models allow athletes to leverage their existing skills while acquiring new ones relevant to sports tech.

Nurturing talent and fostering skill development is not only vital for individual career growth but also essential for the continued innovation and success of the sports tech industry. Sports Tech Ireland supported by industry, enterprise and our educational partners ensures that programmes are developed to sustain and grow a talent pipeline for the industry.

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