Partnerships are the catalyst for innovation, growth, and sustainability. Sports Tech Ireland collaborative endeavors have fostered synergies, combining diverse expertise, resources, and perspectives to seize opportunities for future development of the industry. We are very fortunate to have developed strategic partnerships across enterprise and skills development.

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Anchor Partner

SportsTech Ireland is headquarted in Limerick, often referred to as the ‘Home of Sport’ in Ireland, in the mid-west region of Ireland. Limerick has a rich history and vibrant sporting culture making is an exciting destination for sports enthusiasts in Ireland and beyond.

Since 2018, Limerick City and County Council have shared the vision that Ireland can be a SportsTech cluster, a geographic concentration in Europe of interconnected companies, institutions, and individuals working in the sports technology industry, with the goal of creating a dynamic and innovative ecosystem that fosters collaboration, innovation, and growth.

Limerick City & County Council have demonstrated their commitment in their support of SportsTech Ireland, and recently of the OneZero start-up conference, held in Limerick in 2023.


Talent & Skills Partner

Talent and skills development is a crucial element of cluster development, particularly in the sports technology industry, which requires a high level of technical and creative skills to succeed. Developing the skills and knowledge of the workforce is essential for ensuring the long-term sustainability and competitiveness of the cluster, as it helps to attract and retain top talent, promotes innovation, and enhances the overall productivity of the industry.

In addition, collaboration between academic institutions and industry players can play a vital role in talent and skills development, as it provides opportunities for research, innovation, and training. Academic institutions can offer specialized training programs and research facilities, while industry players can provide real-world experience and industry insights.

A Talent and Skills initative also requires a commitment to diversity and inclusion, as a diverse workforce can bring different perspectives and ideas that can drive innovation and growth.


Enterprise Partners

Building a sportstech enterprise and talent cluster requires a collective effort and long-term commitment from various stakeholders, including organisations, entrepreneurs, investors, academic institutions, and government agencies.

Since 2018, both the IDA and Enterprise Ireland have supported the work of SportsTech Ireland in committing to work together to create a dynamic and innovative ecosystem, which can help drive the growth and success of the sports technology industry in Ireland and promote the positive impact of technology on sports and on society.

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